One Way to Create a Good Password

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PasswordPassword can make us nuts! There are so many things we need passwords for these days, that it’s so easy to create a password that is ‘easy’ to remember. Passwords are supposed to keep things secure, so you’ll need to create a good one if you don’t want the whole world to potentially have access to your data.

Here are some hints NOT to do:

  • Do not use the word ‘password.’
  • Do not use ‘Qwerty123.’
  • Do not use your social security number or birthdate.
  • Do not use your own name.

Here are some hints on what to do.

  • Use double letters/numbers such as ‘Agent007.’
  • Make it 8 characters of more.
  • Use a phrase from a song, poem, or quote.

How you can best use a Phrase.

  • Use the 1st letter of each word in the phrase.
  • Make it case-sensitive using upper and lower case.
  • Adding numbers can make it even more secure.
  • Adding punctuation marks is the ultimate in security.

EXAMPLE: To Be Or Not To Be (TBontb747!)

That’s it! I’m sure if you keep these tips in mind, you will be able to create yourself a fine and secure password. Goog Luck!